Indirect CSP - Supply and MSP Bundle

Indirect CSP - Supply and MSP Bundle

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  • CSP Supplier Cloud Agreement (Indirect CSP)

Also includes (free of charge):

  • Managed Services Agreement for IaaS or PaaS
  • plus Statement of Work - general professional services                 

Description of Products follows:

1. CSP Supplier Cloud Agreement (Indirect CSP)

This Supplier Cloud Agreement is for Microsoft Indirect CSP Partners to use with their clients. It is for the supply by the CSP Partner to their client of Microsoft Cloud Products, purchased by the CSP partner from a distributor (2-tier CSP distributor). The Client is also required to enter into the relevant Microsoft Cloud Agreement with Microsoft and the Supplier Cloud Agreement makes this clear.

The Supplier Cloud Agreement provides for ordering and supply of Microsoft Cloud Products, as well as pricing and payment, the subscription term and renewals and termination, amongst other things. It allows for distributor-specific aspects to be included. 

2.  Managed Service Agreement

This Managed Services Agreement is for Microsoft Partners that provide managed services for Azure IaaS or PaaS.  

3.  Statement of Work - professional services    

This Statement of Work is for use with clients that require professional services that are outside the scope of managed services being provided. 

It is intended to be used in conjunction with:

  • the CSP Master Services Agreement (Indirect CSP Partner); or
  • the CSP Master Services Agreement (Direct CSP Partner).

The Statement of Work provides a general framework for items to be addressed in relation to provision of professional services.


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