Partnering - Digital Transformation Bundle

Partnering - Digital Transformation Bundle

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  • Digital Transformation Partnering Agreement
  • plus Non-Disclosure Agreement (mutual)         

Also includes (free of charge):

  • SaaS Partnering Agreement (sell-through)
  • CSP Supplier Cloud Agreement (Indirect CSP)

Description of Products:

1. Digital Transformation Partnering Agreement

 This Digital Transformation Partnering Agreement is for use between the partner that is engaged by a client to undertake a digital transformation project (Lead Partner) and other partners that will provide products and services to the Lead Partner for that project (Ancillary Partners).

This Digital Transformation Partnering Agreement sets out the basis on which services and deliverables will be requested by the Lead Partner and provided by Ancillary Partners. By using this partnering agreement, the Lead Partner can sign up the partners it needs for the project and then request statements of work from individual partners or groups of partners for various aspects of the digital transformation project.

Under the Digital Transformation Partnering Agreement, the Ancillary Partners provide services, deliverables and/or cloud products (their own or third party cloud products) to the Lead Partner or directly to the client. The cloud agreements will be direct with the client and the client will pay the relevant Ancillary Partner unless an alternative arrangement is agreed.

The Lead Partner will have its own separate agreement with the client.


2. Non-Disclosure Agreement (mutual)   

Also known as a Confidentiality Agreement, an NDA is necessary when any business idea or concept or other confidential information is disclosed, or any intellectual property disclosure is made, to another party.  The agreement restricts the recipient's use of the confidential information. The more detailed the description of the confidential information, the better it will be protected.

The NDA – Mutual version is used when both parties are disclosing confidential information to each other. 


3. SaaS Partnering Agreement (sell-through)

 This SaaS Partnering Agreement is for a partnering relationship in which Partner A supplies Partner B's SaaS product to its clients.

Partner A makes payment to Partner B for all sales made by Partner A of Partner B's SaaS product.

Partner A sells the SaaS product subject to the client approving Partner B's SaaS Agreement.


4. CSP Supplier Cloud Agreement (Indirect CSP)

 This Supplier Cloud Agreement is for Microsoft Indirect CSP Partners to use with their clients. It is for the supply by the CSP Partner to their client of Microsoft Cloud Products, purchased by the CSP partner from a distributor (2-tier CSP distributor). The Client is also required to enter into the relevant Microsoft Cloud Agreement with Microsoft and the Supplier Cloud Agreement makes this clear.

The Supplier Cloud Agreement provides for ordering and supply of Microsoft Cloud Products, as well as pricing and payment, the subscription term and renewals and termination, amongst other things. It allows for distributor-specific aspects to be included. 


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