Partnering - Sell-through Partner SaaS Bundle

Partnering - Sell-through Partner SaaS Bundle

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  • SaaS Partnering Agreement (customer relationship is with one partner)

Also includes (free of charge):

  • SaaS Agreement
  • plus Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

Description of Products follows:

1.   SaaS Partnering Agreement 

Under this SaaS Partnering Agreement, one partner (Selling Partner) can sell the SaaS Products owned by another partner (the IP-Owning Partner).

The agreement sets out the basis of the partnering and the requirements for the Selling Partner to get the client to agree to the relevant SaaS agreement. The Selling Partner invoices the Client and pays the IP-Owning Partner an agreed amount.

The SaaS Partnering Agreement is useful where a partner wishes to sell another partner’s SaaS Products as part of its offering to clients and to be the primary point of contact with its client for those SaaS Products.

 2.  SaaS Agreement (Terms and Conditions)

These SaaS Terms and Conditions are for use by a supplier that is offering Software as a Service.

In these SaaS Terms and Conditions, the service is provided from the supplier's specified website. Various aspects of the agreement need to be addressed either on the website or within the SaaS Agreement.

3.  Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

Also known as a Confidentiality Agreement, an NDA is necessary when any business idea or concept or other confidential information is disclosed, or any intellectual property disclosure is made, to another party.  The agreement restricts the recipient's use of the confidential information. The more detailed the description of the confidential information, the better it will be protected.

The NDA – Mutual version is used when both parties are disclosing confidential information to each other. 


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