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Our agreements are written in plain English, not legalese. They are drafted specifically as standardized products and are architected differently than if they were written for a specific client and then made to be generic.

Each agreement is written to address a business need and is written to be robust and so enable use for variations of that business need. For example, our Software as a Service Agreement addresses a variety of issues for our customer to consider and modify / populate their version of the agreement as applicable.

The agreements are written in Microsoft Word and with the same format and style. All ITagree agreements are written with consistency of defined terms and consistency of provisions to the extent applicable.

Where agreements are likely to be negotiated, the areas that are most likely to be negotiated are presented in a way that readily enables change through that negotiation process. Some agreements are less likely to be negotiated (such as the click through license agreement) but within these types of agreements there are areas for you to customize to your requirements before using the agreement.

We guide our customer on areas that need to be addressed by them, but all parts of each agreement can be modified by a customer so the agreements are fully customizable by you or your lawyer to meet your needs.  


The ITagree checklists are provided to enable our customers to review agreements that are presented to them. The checklists are comprehensive and include a description of the relevant clause, with questions and comments to raise issues for consideration and to look out for in the agreement under review. The checklists also include descriptions of the nature and purpose of provisions.

Often it is what’s not included in an agreement that is difficult to identify. So for example, if a customer presents an agreement to a supplier, the supplier may not notice that there is no limitation of liability (meaning the supplier’s liability was unlimited). But if the agreement contained a very high limitation of liability, this is likely to be noticed by the supplier.


We have a range of additional clauses that can be added into agreements when needed. They can be added into ITagree agreements or into other, non-ITagree agreements.
Additional clauses can be needed during a negotiation when an issue is raised that is not covered by the proposed agreement. An example is a transition services clause. An agreement may not include a transition services clause but as a result of discussion and negotiation between the parties it becomes apparent that this would be useful.

Additional clauses may also be needed where an alternative approach is required to the approach used in the agreement being used. An example is where an alternative acceptance testing clause or termination clause is needed.

The ITagree clauses are available as individual products. Not all of our clause products are loaded onto the site and the clauses are regularly updated so contact us if you are looking for a clause to cover a specific situation or to provide an alternative to the clause you have in your agreement.

 Negotiation Topics Registers (NTRs) 

*Only available in Agreements Plus plans

The ITagree Negotiation Topics Registers (NTRs) have been prepared to recognize that IT agreements are often negotiated. It is common for the other party to raise issues which need to be negotiated and addressed. This is all part of aligning expectations and reaching agreement on performance and deliverables, which is important. Where agreements do not need to be or will not negotiated, the NTR is not applicable and is not needed.

In preparing the NTRs, ITagree anticipates the types of issues that are likely to be raised by the other party and provides a standardized, suggested response and alternate provisions.

For each issue, a description of the issue and a standard suggested response is provided. 

The NTR also includes a standard suggested alternative clause that can be used if the ITagree customer wishes to change the clause when an issue is raised.

The NTRs are updated to reflect additional commonly raised issues. Some issues may be addressed by an update to the agreement. Others will remain as issues in the NTR with the agreement only being changed by negotiation.



Helping you decide what you need 

ITagree is available to provide assistance with identifying the agreements needed for your business.

Some customers need assistance because while they understand their business issue, they don’t necessarily link that to an agreement or negotiation resource that might help to resolve that issue. We help to make the connection between your business need or issue and our agreements.

If you know what you need, that's great. If not, we will help you out. Just contact us and we can make suggestions on the agreements we have that are likely to suit your needs.

If we don’t already have the right agreement available, we will often produce it. 

Ongoing assistance 

We are available to respond to your requests for assistance. This assistance is not legal advice. It is assistance with use of the ITagree products. For example, someone might ask what they are supposed to include in a particular schedule or for confirmation that they are supposed to delete one of the options from a certain clause. Our experience is that most customers do not need this sort of assistance but the service is available.

Training of your nominated users

Informal 'training’ is available on an as needed basis, although most customers find the agreements easy to use and do not need our assistance. 

Agreement updates

We provide annual agreement updates for customers on monthly plans. The updates take into account customer feedback and inputs.

New agreements

New agreements are written regularly based on what our customers need.  Please contact us if there is a an agreement, checklist or clauses that you need. Contact Anne Hall:


We'll agree a time to suit you

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