ITagree provides Legal Agreement Solutions as-a-service for Microsoft partners and other IT suppliers globally. We encourage customers to discuss their agreement needs with us.


No commitment to proceed but customers usually like to know 'how it all works'. we assist at each as needed. Stages are:

  • we confirm required agreements with you (free consultation)
  • we suggest plan type and provide pricing (Agreements only. Agreements plus or Multi/Tailored Plan)
  • we send links to purchase
  • on purchase, we receive link to download & register to login and access package / updates
  • Customer Commitment applies - we revise or replace if required or refund (terms of customer commitment on our site)
  • ongoing assistance with practical use of the agreements if needed, agreement updates and product-based assistance with agreement negotiation (depending on plan)

We don't provide legal advice or customize agreements for particular jurisdictions, this is a product based service.

What We Provide: IT Agreements Relevant to Your Business 

ITagree provides IT legal agreements-as-a-service.

We also provide related negotiation resources which address commonly raised negotiation issues and provide suggested responses. 

Our products are high quality and produced from decades of experience in this specialized area.

Our products assist with the efficient and effective creation, review and negotiation of IT agreements. We enable and empower our customers through provision of industry-focused agreement products that suit specific requirements.

What We Focus On: Meeting Your Business Needs

Our focus is on speed, simplification, excellent business execution, fair price and high value - attributes that many customers are seeking.

We also focus on providing agreement products that suit your business needs. This requires us to have a good understanding of the types of business issues you are facing. We achieve this through our experience of working with businesses like yours and through engaging with our customers and getting valuable inputs and feedback.

Product Ranges: Ranges of Products to Assist You with Efficient IT Engagements

The product ranges include:

1. IT agreements;

2.  IT negotiation topic registers (NTRs) that anticipate issues that may be raised during negotiation and provide a standardized, suggested response and alternate provisions;

3. checklists to assist with the review of IT agreements presented by the other party; and

4. clauses for including in agreements.


Types of Customers

Our customers are IT suppliers and typically Microsoft partners. They include SMB and Enterprises, some have inhouse counsel and/or external lawyers and some don't. 


Choosing a Monthly Plan

We provide 'Agreements Only', 'Agreements Plus' and Multi-package and Tailored Plans. See further details here.


Our Niche - IT: We're Specialized and We Suit You in the Specialized Area of IT.

We Specialize only in IT.

Within IT, we look after:

  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Resellers (especially CSP Partners)


ITagree Services: We're Here to Help With Your Agreement Needs 

Sometimes it is clear what types of agreements you need, sometimes it's not so clear. Most customers discuss their agreement needs with us prior to purchase.

Where it is not so clear what agreements you need, we help you identify this by looking at your preferred approach and sometimes the underlying issues. Naturally you're aware of your business issues and things that need to be addressed - whether that is business divisions you are looking to grow, revenue leaks and parts of your business that are not as profitable as you want them to be or what's costing you too much or taking too long. 

Where these issues involve customers, sometimes the issue can be addressed through better understanding by the customer of the service you provide, by better communication and agreement with your customers.



We'll agree a time to suit you

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