Our pricing is designed to give you the benefit of being part of a community of users.

ITagree customers have often spent years paying law firm prices and have had no viable alternative to this. While we encourage our customers to maintain the relationship they have with their lawyers, the extent to which the lawyer is needed for IT agreement and negotiation work is expected to reduce (often significantly) and the type of instructions to lawyers will change due to the ITagree approach. ITagree works to enable you to do good business, more efficiently.

Some ITagree customers are starting a new business or a new project and need agreements in place. The legal fees are often a significant expense and it is hard to see a way around this, especially given the specialist nature of the work required. 

Many of you will know that for a legal agreement drafted by a law firm you could easily pay $5,000 - $10,000 and that is just the beginning. Our products compare very favourably with that pricing, with packages comprising at least two agreement templates for $99 per month (less than $1200 in total, given 12 month minimum term). Packages include additional benefits such as ongoing updates and services and we add new packages regularly, including as a result of customer requests.

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Packaged Products & Plan Types

ITagree products are packaged via business type, or in some cases business need, and supplied by way of 3 plans - Essential, Professional, and Premium. The pricing below is in USD.

Individual Products $750 / $250

Enterprise Plans price on application

Products on Request

When ITagree creates your requested product, the standard package and individual product pricing applies. The customer does not pay for the drafting of the new product. They do have an influence on what the product covers though, with some customers sending through a list of the main points that they need to have addressed.  


Available via Consultation


For corporate customers we offer an Enterprise Solution in which we customize a solution for the customer. The pricing depends on the requirements and is discussed during the initial consultation phase.


For groups of customers with similar needs, we offer a Club Solution. The club members might all be channel partners of a particular supplier, or might all be franchisees of the same franchise system, or might all be members of an industry association or group. A Club Solution is established in consultation with the member organization or a user group drawn from the club members to reflect the club members' needs.

The ITagree customer is usually (but not always) the individual customers and ITagree packages are prepared, following consultation, to suit their needs. Pricing is determined as part of that consultation phase and may be the same as our standard package pricing or may differ depending on the required offering. An example is the package offering we established with Microsoft, for Microsoft partners.


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