The types of Customers we look after are:

   Microsoft Partners

  Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

  Managed Services Providers (MSPs)

  Professional Service Providers 

  Resellers - especially CSP Partners (Direct & Indirect)

 Businesses that have existing IT agreements. >See more below

 Businesses that don’t have existing IT agreements. >See more below

 Businesses that use lawyers, internal or external

  Businesses that don’t use lawyers

Contact Anne Hall for a no-obligation discussion on your agreement needs:

"We have existing IT Agreements"

'Why should we change to use ITagree?'

By using ITagree, you will have the benefit of a standardized solution with agreements that are kept updated, with contributions from all users and from ITagree’s insights into your business needs and business type gained from working with many businesses, both similar to and different from yours. You will be contributing to and benefitting from a community of users with common needs.
ITagree products are written to be robust and to be suitable for a range of users types and needs within given parameters. They are architected to enable ease of use and to enable relevant and useful engagement discussions.
The feedback we have from our customers is not only that our customers find the agreements easy to use but that they are well-received and easily understood and used with their customers. This enables a more rapid process for reaching agreement.
The ITagree agreements are supported by a range of negotiation resources. The party that issues the agreement can use our negotiation topics registers to address issues raised by the other party. A party that receives an agreement for review can use our checklists in undertaking their review. Either party can use ITagree clauses to add into agreements to cover additional issues that may be relevant for their agreement.
Our approach enables additional agreements to be produced quickly and our customers benefit from this, in terms of time and money, to access additional agreement types and additional negotiation resources or updates.

'Our agreements are fine, why change?'

If an agreement you use is working well for you, then don’t change. But if you perceive that negotiations take longer or cost more than they should, or that your customers or suppliers don’t readily comprehend what you supply or what you need, or if you have issues with suppliers or customers that you think could perhaps have been avoided, then perhaps your approach to agreements needs further consideration.

As another consideration even if your agreements are currently fine, you could liken your existing agreements to your business using a proprietary system. It works fine but you are on your own with it. There is no community of users and so there is no shared benefit. At every turn, you are dependent on the developer to address issues, make changes, keep the agreement current with industry changes. This makes it expensive and makes you dependent. When was the last time you had your agreements generally reviewed or updated?

'What about the relationship I have with my lawyer? I'm loyal to them'

Keep that relationship, we fully support our customers retaining their relationship with their lawyer. ITagree does not provide legal advice, we provide standardized solutions that will reduce (often significantly) the amount of time you need to spend with your lawyer but ITagree does not remove the need for your lawyer. Your lawyer will be needed for advice, for the parts of an agreement drafting and negotiation job that cannot be standardized. You might be surprised at what we can standardize (quite a lot) but still this does not remove the need for your lawyer. In terms of standardizing, while your business is unique and your point of differentiation is vital, the issues on which you need to reach agreement with your customers or suppliers or intermediaries can often be standardized. If it’s an issue for you, it is likely to also be an issue for other similar (or not so similar) businesses.
We like to engage with the lawyers of our customers, so please retain those relationships and put us in contact with them.

"We have no existing IT Agreements"

'We don't know what we need'

We can help you with that, just contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

'Can these agreements be trusted?'

The ITagree products are written by experienced IT lawyers. All products are either written or reviewed by Anne Hall who has been an IT lawyer for 25 years, practising exclusively in this area of the law. See About Us. View our testimonials or make a time to discuss any concerns you may have with us.  

'Could we just get something for free?'

There are free and cheap templates available on the internet. Our customers recognize the expense to their business of deciding to use something free or cheap and so that is not an option for them.
Some sites say they have thousands of documents. It’s not always easy to tell who has written them and what the experience of the authors may be. We have even come across agreements that Anne Hall wrote for clients in her law practice several years ago, which have been copied and made available on sites. With sites offering thousands of documents, this is not surprising. It is time-consuming to prepare good templates and significant experience is required to ensure they will suit the relevant purposes. By all means take your chance with cheap or free templates if that is what you want to do, but be aware of the risks. ITagree does not compete with free or cheap, we create enduring relationships with our customers through providing high quality products and by working with customers through their business lifecycles and the many changes and issues faced in their business.

'Do we need a lawyer if we use ITagree?'

You don’t necessarily need a lawyer to use ITagree products but many of our customers do, this will depend on your level of experience, the type of engagement that you are using the agreement for and how heavily negotiated it’s likely to be. ITagree customers use their lawyers for the part of the whole job that is unique to them, the part that cannot be standardized. To explain further and by of analogy with how the IT industry works in terms of licensed software. The base application is licensed (that equates to our product), the base application might be configured for use by a client (we offer ‘configuration’ services) – and if you need the base application customized in a way that is unique to you and will not be built into the standard product, that is when you need a lawyer. Also you might need a lawyer if you require advice, including someone to attend and assist you with a negotiation. The lawyer can also approve the agreement for your use, including to address any particular requirements for use in your jurisdiction. This picture shows the role of the lawyer in the overall job when using ITagree products. ITagree works with the lawyers of our customers as required, including to outline the ITagree approach to your lawyer if he or she is not yet familiar with ITagree. We are very open to receiving and incorporating feedback from your lawyer for your benefit.

'What will ITagree help us with (aside from supplying products)?'

ITagree provides various services to assist our customers with getting the product that best suits their needs and to use that product.
Many customers do not need any assistance from us but we are here to help as needed and we provide a variety of ‘on-boarding’ and ‘ongoing’ services.

The ‘on-boarding’ services include being available to you to listen and learn about your business needs and requirements and then to suggest products for your use if this is not already apparent. This service is available at no charge, simply contact Anne Hall to discuss:
Some customers ask if we have a particular type of product, and, if we don’t they may find that it will be available soon or that it can be added to our roadmap.

Initial informal 'training' is also available (on an as needed basis). Typically little or no assistance / training is required. This is about providing assistance with use of the products, so that they are used as intended.

The ongoing services include ongoing assistance, if needed, with use of the product. Typically little if any such assistance is needed.
We also take on your feedback and requests and incorporate that into product updates and new products as applicable.
Standard product updates are available for all plans.

"I am a Practising Lawyer"

'Can I buy ITagree products and use them in my practice?'

Yes. Lawyers and law firms can become ITagree customers. 

'We have looked at the various packages and for our law firm we would like to have access to all of the ITagree products and services. Do you have a package for lawyers that includes everything?'

Yes, please contact us to discuss.

'Is there a limit on how many times I can use the products?'

No you can use the products as often as you like. You cannot ‘sell’ the product as is, you need to use it as part of your advice and include your client’s details and required modifications in the product.

'If I need additional clauses for a negotiated position can ITagree supply the clauses to me?'

Yes we have a library of individual clauses and we also write new clause products on request when we can see that there may be other customers who would like the same clause. Anything written on request is made available to other customers and we do not charge for time spent drafting, we charge only for the resulting product at our standard product prices.

'If we find that we often need to make the same types of changes to the ITagree products, can we get those changes incorporated into the base ITagree product.'

Yes. We like to receive feedback and we use the feedback to guide the changes made in each update (new release) of the products.

'Does ITagree provide legal advice?'

No, we only provide standardized products.

'What happens when an ITagree customer asks ITagree for recommendations on local lawyers, do you have a panel of law firms that you send customers to?'

In each region where we have customers, we are building a panel of lawyers that are familiar with the ITagree products. It is very helpful to us and to our customers to know that there are lawyers we can send ITagree customers to who will provide advice in the usual manner to the client but without unnecessarily changing the ITagree product. Please let us know if you would like to discuss this opportunity.

'ITagree is global so how does ITagree ensure that the products are suitable in each jurisdiction?'

The agreements are generic and it is up to the ITagree customer to get legal advice in their local region. Whether the customer does that or not is up to them. It is very helpful for our customers to know that there are local lawyers who can provide advice as required in relation to their use of the ITagree products. Please contact us of you would like to discuss this opportunity.

'Does ITagree have plans to produce products that have been localized for the applicable governing law?'

Yes we do. Please contact us of you would like to discuss being part of this program of work.




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