Cloud Supply & Managed Services Agreement

Cloud Supply & Managed Services Agreement

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This Cloud Supply and Managed Services Agreement covers:

  • Supply of Microsoft and other third party cloud services;
  • Setup Work;
  • Supply of a Managed Service for the Customer’s ‘Managed IT Environment’, with System Uptime and Service Levels (Service Level details are for you to complete);
  • Supply of Professional Services under statements of work and for out of scope and other time and materials work.

The agreement can be used even if all of these aspects are not applicable or you could instead choose an agreement that covers only the aspects that are relevant to the services you supply. We are available to discuss this with you if needed.

In terms of Cloud Supply, the agreement is suitable for Microsoft Indirect CSP Partners to use with their customers and also accommodates supply other third party cloud products. It is for the supply by the CSP Partner to their customer of Microsoft Cloud Products, purchased by the CSP partner from a distributor (2-tier CSP distributor). It anticipates that any other cloud products that the supplier is reselling under it will be purchased from a distributor as well. For Microsoft Cloud Products, the Customer is also required to enter into the relevant Microsoft Cloud Agreement with Microsoft and the Cloud Supply Agreement makes this clear. For other third party cloud products, the relevant third party agreement or terms and conditions apply.

The Cloud Supply Agreement provides for ordering and supply of Microsoft Cloud Products and other cloud products, as well as pricing and payment, the subscription term and renewals and termination, amongst other things. It allows for distributor-specific aspects to be included.

The Agreement includes an introductory / background section with execution provisions and:

  • a Schedule of summary information;
  • appendices with details of:
  1. setup work and the initial order (if any) of cloud services; and
  2. the managed service,

together with terms and conditions.

The details of the Managed Service and Service Levels are to be completed by the Supplier, we provide guideline headings and wording only. 

The agreement can readily be completed with details of your supply of cloud services and managed service and modified by you as required. 

This agreement is 25 pages including the cover page. 

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