ITagree Academy

ITagree Academy

  • x 3 instalments. First payment on purchase, Second payment 4 weeks from date of purchase, 3rd payment 8 weeks from date of purchase

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The ITagree Academy includes:

1. Agreement Selection Session to determine the agreements to best suit your business needs (30 minutes 1-1 with Anne Hall). Includes up to five agreements. Supply of selected agreements.

2. Coaching sessions and guidance (webinar-style sessions, 12 sessions):

  • Foundation sessions (2 sessions)
    • Intro to contracts, what’s important and how to work with them;
    • How to use the agreements for the services you provide.  
  • Agreement-specific sessions (ten sessions)
    • These sessions are specific to the agreements selected in your Agreement Selection Sessions.
    • After each session you will be asked to work on the tasks for that week, as you modify the agreements to make them your own.
    • Any questions you have can be raised in the agreement-specific group-based forum during the week.
  1. Ongoing group-based guidance and support through agreement-specific forums (for 12 months from the date you signed up to the Academy).
  2. Agreement updates as issued (during the 12 months from the date you signed up to the Academy).

Option to continue with ongoing group-based guidance and to continue receiving agreement updates after the initial 12 month period. Additional charges apply. 

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