Managed Services Agreement (one bundled managed service)

Managed Services Agreement (one bundled managed service)

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This Managed Services Agreement (one bundled managed service) is for supply of a bundled managed service which may include supply of SaaS or IaaS subscriptions.

The Managed Service may include several components that are bundled together as the Supplier recognizes that its customers often need all of these components. This type of managed service may have a brand name for easy reference.

All details of the Managed Service are to be completed by the Supplier in an Appendix, we provide guideline headings and wording.  

Aspects that are always needed such as customer information, term, renewals and pricing are included in a Schedule. Suggested wording is included given for example suppliers might want to use the agreement for either monthly or fixed term managed services.

There is also a terms and conditions section. This includes provision for terms and conditions that might apply depending on what is included in the managed services, for example the SaaS terms and conditions of third party suppliers.

The agreement can readily be completed with details of your bundled managed service or modified to suit.  

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