SaaS Subscription Terms and Conditions (multi-product)

SaaS Subscription Terms and Conditions (multi-product)

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This SaaS Subscription Terms and Conditions (multi-product) is for suppliers that are providing their own SaaS services and/or reselling the SaaS services of third parties.

The SaaS Subscription terms and conditions anticipate that customers will either accept a quote that is issued by the Supplier or will register and purchases the SaaS services on the Supplier’s website. In the case of the quote, the quote will include the relevant SaaS services required by the Customer, the pricing, permitted users and other required details. Where the Customer purchases from the Supplier’s website, these details are included in ‘Selected Options’ chosen by the Customer.

The Customer is deemed to accept relevant third party terms and conditions, which are either provided by the Supplier to the Customer or available on request.

When the Customer accepts the quote or purchases on the website, the Customer is deemed to have accepted the SaaS Subscription Terms and Conditions. As such, it will be essential that the Customer is required to accept these terms and conditions prior to completing their purchase or that the quote references or links to the terms and conditions.  

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