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Feeling like your business might be exposed with out of date agreements but not sure what to do about it?

Or maybe you'd like to reduce revenue leakage and what you've tried hasn't really helped so you've reluctantly accepted it's inescapable.

But can you really afford to let things continue as they are?

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The fact is...

Many of the everyday business risks that partners face with their customers could be resolved with a fresh perspective on their approach to agreements with customers. An approach that will quickly see you reduce business risk, reduce revenue leakage and increase upsell opportunities.


At ITagree – The Agreement Lifeguard, we’re helping partners to discover a new everyday reality when it comes to their customer relationships.

We’ve put together the following free resource to help you identify potential red flags in your business that could be fixed simply by using the right agreements with your customers and using them properly.

Free Agreement Checklist

Download our Free 8 Point Checklist to discover what important items could be missing from your current agreements.


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