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Anne Hall

The Agreement Lifeguard

ITagree Founder

Before Anne Hall decided to help Microsoft partners globally with the real reasons for always having to over-deliver to keep customers happy, she had a long apprenticeship. It began with being one of the first IT lawyers in New Zealand at a time when mobile phone use was in its infancy in New Zealand and lawyers were still a few years away from having computers on their desk. From a family of six children who were raised to seek excellence and practical solutions, Anne had an affinity for raising the right questions with CIOs to help them agree with suppliers and get the business outcome they needed.

Deciding to leave the assurance of a national law firm and establish her own boutique IT law practice was an early step on her entrepreneurial journey. It gave Anne new insights into what running a business involved and the practical advice that business owners and managers need. Despite quickly attracting a blue-chip client list, Anne increasingly wanted to share her expertise more broadly and to help IT companies globally by providing fast, cost-effective access to legal agreements aimed at helping them to overcome day-to-day challenges.

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Understood when additional charges apply for your services

Understood the different services you provide and your role in their delivery

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ITagree has saved me a fortune in legal fees and given me the upmost confidence in dealing with all manner organisations, where my business and income is protected

Ignite Business Group

We have been found them to be a very helpful resource for getting our Master Service Agreement defined and compliant with very little work.

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Our Business is Unique.. But I Wonder Whether Anyone Else has the Same Contract Issues as us?

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