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Are old agreements safe (even if you know they need updating)?

  ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’ So the expression goes. Let’s look at this for a moment. I’ve got a balcony off of my study. On a hot day, it’s nice to open the doors and go out there. The balcony floor boards seem to need repair, they...

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Reselling Cloud Services – are you really the trusted advisor, how much revenue are you missing out on?

A couple have been dating for several years and now want to commit to spending their lives together. One goes out shopping and comes back with two rings which they will wear to symbolise their life-long commitment to each other. She’s pleased with her purchase, a 2-for-1 special from the...

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MSPs: Do Your Customers Delay Signing Agreements? (one important change you can make now)

Do you remember what it feels like to get an English essay back from your teacher and the teacher has scribbled comments all over it? You did put some work into it but somehow the structure…. (And you didn’t quite cover the items you were supposed to write about. But...

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MSPs - are you avoiding these costs? (how inaccurate managed service descriptions mean costs)

Have you ever tried getting into a football game with an invalid ticket? It’s not a good experience, especially if it’s a semi-final and it’s your home team – as it was with my recent experience. You realize as you arrive at the game that you’ve brought the wrong tickets...

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Yes, You can Anticipate Contract Negotiation Issues (and get Customers to Sign Earlier)

Let’s say that on 68-95% of the days that you take your dog for a walk in winter, it rains. You would probably take a coat or an umbrella every time, right? You would be prepared. You would have your answer to that rain ready. You expect it to rain...

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