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Our Business is Unique.. But I Wonder Whether Anyone Else has the Same Contract Issues as us?

You need new shoes, you go to a shoe shop. Right? They’ll have a pair that is just right for you. Not that your feet are the same as anyone else’s of course. But other people have the same length of foot as you. And the same width. That might...

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The Resellers’ Task: what does it involve when it comes to contracts?

Your CEO asks you to attend a meeting in place of him. He gives you a briefing on the issues and the company’s position on each. You attend the meeting on the CEO’s behalf … and totally ignore the CEO’s instructions, taking a different view on all the issues that...

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Do you regard Agreements as Helpful or a Waste of Time?

‘So before you all start your first climb, we’ll give you a briefing of what to expect and show you how to put on your safety harness and use the ropes.’ You hear this this announcement before your first mountain climb and… reluctantly attend? feel relieved because you have some...

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Why your Business benefits from providing consistent responses on Contract Negotiations (and how to achieve this to close deals faster)

Have you ever been in a queue at the airport and wondered why the queue next to you seems so much faster? And wondered if you should shift across? Of course you have. Have you wondered why? Has your guy just started the job and he’s still learning so he’s...

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Are old agreements safe (even if you know they need updating)?

  ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’ So the expression goes. Let’s look at this for a moment. I’ve got a balcony off of my study. On a hot day, it’s nice to open the doors and go out there. The balcony floor boards seem to need repair, they...

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