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Agency life: Modifications, assumptions, and risks

  Working for a digital agency, having a client come to you looking for a brand-new website is the ideal situation. This gives the agency a chance to shape the direction of the business and create a user experience that helps sell the client’s brand. However, this ideal is becoming...

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The needs of transformation

Once a business has decided that it needs to fundamentally transform all or part of how it operates to stay competitive, the question then becomes – how should it go about doing it? What rate does it need to change at? How much will it need to change?   Technology...

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Business Transformation

The future is not just coming, it’s already here. With the rapid pace of technological advancement, businesses are having to make major changes to keep up. Business transformation is the process of changing what kind of product or service a business provides, or the process of changing the way a...

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Why doctors should take their web presence seriously

In the past, the choice of who to use as a GP was not much of a choice for most people. The decision was made on location, recommendation from family and friends, or simply that they had been visiting the same doctor’s practise since childhood. These days, much like with...

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Putting a computer in your brain is no longer science fiction Technology entrepreneur Bryan Johnson sees a future in which intelligent machines can do things like drive cars on their own and anticipate our needs before we ask. What's uncommon is how Johnson wants to respond: Find a way to...

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