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Why you shouldn’t bury your contract

  There’s a difference between signing an agreement and actually reaching an agreement. But once you reach an agreement, either as a customer or a supplier, it is important that the contract does not just get filed in the bottom drawer and forgotten about. Keeping your contract up-to-date and referring...

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Have you actually reached agreement?

Having an agreement in place is basic business practice – but having an agreement and reaching an agreement are two very different things. Too often a business will sign a contract with a supplier with no details added except the company name. The parties may or may not have actually...

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Fitting law into 140 characters

When it comes to technology and the law, the tech world often leaves the law trailing behind. It can be hard to link the world of Facebook with the world of contract law – even for businesses which use contracts on a regular basis.  Nevertheless, if a company is going...

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  The most powerful tool for increasing business is often word-of-mouth. A personal referral can carry more weight than the cleverest piece of advertising.  So for learning professionals looking to increase their business, it can make sense to engage in structured referral or cross-selling arrangements. While it is possible to...

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Vigilance is required to minimise risk of IT security breaches. “Everyone is vulnerable,” said Jeff Birnbach, partner and managing director of Sylint Group Inc., a cyber security firm based in Sarasota, Florida.  Birnbach, along with John Stephens and Nora Wetzell, attorneys with Sedgewick LLC, and Michelle Worrall Tilton of Media...

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