Why your Business benefits from providing consistent responses on Contract Negotiations (and how to achieve this to close deals faster)

Have you ever been in a queue at the airport and wondered why the queue next to you seems so much faster? And wondered if you should shift across? Of course you have. Have you wondered why? Has your guy just started the job and he’s still learning so he’s a bit slower. Is he a lot more careful with what he’s checking? What is it, why do they not all take about the same amount of time?

Ever wondered also about the people negotiating contracts with customers? They might be project managers, contract managers, sales people or in some other role. But whatever the case, I bet they don’t deal with contract negotiations in the same way. They all have their own style. That’s to be expected. But it’s also likely they give different responses to the same issues raised by customers. Or if the same response they express it differently. Do you think there’s any problem with this?

Why 5 people in professional services business give 5 different responses to the same issue (and why this causes expense and potentially risk when it comes to contract negotiation)

People come to a job from various previous roles and each person has different experience and knowledge. Little wonder then, that faced with a challenge or an issue, each person will approach it differently and achieve different results in a different timeframe. This is often a good thing and brings combined value to a business. But when it comes to contract negotiation, this variety can be problematic (and costly).

Timing is one aspect. Some people will take longer because they do not have the knowledge and experience to respond quickly to issues raised by customer.

Content is another aspect. The content of a reply can either resolve the issue raised quickly, or it can delay resolving the issue (sometimes causing lengthy delays to closing a deal and signing a contract). It can also cause exposure if for example the negotiator does not have the experience to fully appreciate the risk they are agreeing to with a change.  

How can businesses ensure consistency on negotiation issues (and save themselves time on contract negotiations)?

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