If an ITagree product you purchase does not suit your business need, please let us know:

  1. We will endeavor to add to or change the product (Revised Product) to cover the situation (while maintaining the integrity of the product so that it is useful to our customer base) or together we may decide to replace the product (Replacement Product). Any request for a Revised Product or Replacement Product must be received by us within 8 weeks of your purchase.
  2. Once you receive a Revised Product or Replacement Product, if the product still does not suit your business need, we will refund the amounts paid by you for that product. Any refund request must be received within 4 weeks from the date that we made the Revised Product or Replacement Product available to you.

Customers are encouraged to discuss their business needs with us and get assistance with product selection prior to purchase if needed.

The commitments described above are dependent on the following:

  1. details to be provided: you will need to provide details to us of how the product does not suit your need and to respond to us on any questions we might have about the details you provide to us.
  2. feedback from lawyer: if you have questions or feedback from your lawyer, we will take that into account in preparing the Revised Product or in providing you with a Replacement Product. In order for us to do this, please:
  3. request the lawyer to identify applicable clauses and issues and not to amend the ITagree product itself (this is to ensure cost-effectiveness for you); and
  4. remove any commercially sensitive information from the legal advice, including any details of the specific transaction that the product is being used for, before sending it to us.
Special Request
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