The perils for Managed Service Providers of Slow Contract Negotiation – is there another way?

Right, so this is the third time you’ve lost your car keys this week. And it’s only Tuesday.

Now if only you took some time to organize a place to keep them, you’d always know where they are. But you’re always rushing, so you don’t. And then, when you go out, you don’t know where to find them.

Even though you’ve had the same issue before, you don’t actually plan a better solution so that you don’t lose your keys, again. You’re always too busy to stop and think about that.

Do you notice that with agreement negotiations, the same issues come up over and over again? And do you create a solution for finding your prior responses easily? If you do, I applaud you. You are in a very small minority.

Places that Managed Service Providers leave the answers to issues raised on contract negotiations

A lot of the time with contract negotiation, even with cloud, the issues are not unfamiliar (especially if you have been negotiating IT contracts for clients for 25+ years, whoops… showing my age!). But usually, for managed service providers (and the same applies for other types of suppliers), the way to word a response is not collected in a way that can be easily found when the same issue comes up again.

Here are some places where the response to negotiation issues are left after a negotiation:

1. In the last contract

How often are you negotiating an issue and you know, you just know, that you’ve had that issue before? ‘It was in the contract for [x]’, now if you could just open that file you’ll see how you responded… ‘oh, no, not that one, maybe this one… maybe instead of wasting time looking for it, I should just write the response again…

2. In their heads

And what about this, you know the response that’s required because it comes up every time in slightly different ways… now you just need to write it down, again. And you do this every time the issue comes up.

3. With their lawyers

You go back to the lawyer every time when issues are raised on the agreement. Hang on, aren’t these issues much the same as the issues raised by the last customer?

How to locate your previous responses with ease (and stop searching for them like you do your car keys)

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