How lawyers benefit from using IT Contract Templates

There are plenty of lawyers who, while exceptional at their jobs, are not specialist IT lawyers. This is a niche market and it has the potential to be very tricky if done wrong.

In a big company with dozens of lawyers, there may be only two or three who have IT experience, and they are unlikely to be specialists.

ITC Contract templates can help plenty of lawyers with their agreements in the IT field, making the most of Anne Hall’s experience and the excellent value from the ‘for lawyers’ package.

Corporate lawyers without IT experience can use IT Contract Templates to form the base of their IT dealings without having to go to those with IT experience.

In-house lawyers may need to buy their IT expertise in, which costs money. IT Contract Templates can reduce the time needed by a specialist lawyer, or even eliminate the need all together.

Those with IT experience are also able to use ITC Contract Templates as a base for their own agreements, and to save time when drafting new client clauses.

Here are some of the ways these lawyers can use ITC Contract Templates to make their work easier and save them money.

Precedent base

An ITC Contract template can be used as a precedent base for multiple agreements. While most firms use precedent bases for their contracts creating them is time consuming and therefore expensive. The stripped down version needs to be both established and maintained to make it of any use with clients.

In a large firm a template agreement may be accessed by a large number of lawyers all of whom make changes to the document. If those changes are retained in the template that can corrupt it for the next use, but on the other hand if changes need to be made they can be missed in a static document. ICT Templates helps this by providing updates to templates which take in to account feedback from users.


After a day negotiating an agreement, there may be a large number of clauses that need to be added into a contract. The clauses included in ITC Contract Templates could be used to save time and effort when inserting these clauses. While firms or lawyers may have clauses they have used before these clauses can often contain information about former clients which is left in the clause because of an oversight in stripping out that information. With ITC Contract Template clauses there’s no worry about this information being left in – they are always clean.

Reviewing agreements

ITC Contract Templates include checklists which can be helpful when reviewing agreements. In 30-odd pages of clauses in a contract it’s easy to miss that something important isn’t there. With ITC checklists there’s a comprehensive way to make sure everything is covered in your contract.

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