Healthcare IT templates

The healthcare industry, is strongly moving towards enhancements using digital technology solutions. In doing so, there's a need for protection because of the confidential and sensitive nature of their data and documents.

Every year, around the world, privacy breaches of medical information make international headlines, and discussions around the protection of confidential information and privacy become topical.

It’s important for the healthcare industry to be able to promote confidence in their abilities to secure this information, but also equally important for medical staff to ensure their research and diagnostic information is also protected. Our contract bundles put protection in place for the supply of IT to healthcare providers.

At IT Contract Templates we get health, and we understand the unique requirements it demands, especially when documents are housed in cloud-based servers. 

We’ve made it convenient for you to access the type of IT agreement you need by identifying two key categories, healthcare IT templates for cloud services, and for software services and licensing.

How it works

We offer templates for Cloud Services:

  • For supply of Apps via a cloud service
  • For Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements, two versions – one is standard terms and conditions and the other one is a version that is completed and agreed with each healthcare organization / client
  • That can help you to understand cloud agreements and what needs to be in them
  • That can help you to review SaaS agreements, whether you want to check your own agreement or one that has been presented to you.

We offer templates for Software Services and Licensing:

  • Relating to the supply of a new solution, software licensing and services
  • Agreements for software implementation projects and related services
  • Statements of Work and Work Orders
  • Managing change requests
  • Acceptance certificates
  • That can help you to review license agreements, whether you want to check your own agreement or one that has been presented to you.

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