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Agency Life: Who’s paying whom here?

Often, when an agency makes a pitch to modify an existing website, their pitch is tantalizingly short on details while being long on promises of what the agency can do. Too often, those promises are made without having a look at the back-end of the website, and so are made...

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Agency life: Modifications, assumptions, and risks

  Working for a digital agency, having a client come to you looking for a brand-new website is the ideal situation. This gives the agency a chance to shape the direction of the business and create a user experience that helps sell the client’s brand. However, this ideal is becoming...

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What should a social media contract cover?

When engaging an agency to manage your social media channels there are a number of things the agreement between the parties should cover. While the contract should come from the agency, it is important as a customer to know what the contract needs to cover, and what it all means....

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Fitting law into 140 characters

When it comes to technology and the law, the tech world often leaves the law trailing behind. It can be hard to link the world of Facebook with the world of contract law – even for businesses which use contracts on a regular basis.  Nevertheless, if a company is going...

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